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Is it possible to buy individual MX switches or leds?


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As in title.

Is there any way to get one individual Cherry switch so I can solder them myself when my keys break?


And where can I get leds that you use in your keyboards? I'm afraid that hue will be slightly different when I replace K70 leds with some random ones.


I'm just curious - my k70 is about 3 years old now and still working perfectly fine.

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Switches for non RGB MX switches are easily available from mechanicalkeyboards.com but you have to know how to solder.

I know nothing about those bulb LED's, but if you find the right type, they will work. Yes they're available. They're the same type of LED's commonly used but I don't know anything about them. I'm not an electronics guy.


For the RGB corsair keyboards, the switches are NOT purchasable although the SMD RGB LED's are. Depends on if they use 5050 PLCC4 or PLCC6, 3528 PLCC4 (I don't know if the K70 RGB uses 3528's, the Strafe *might*, or smaller ones. The # is based purely on the size. There's also diffused lens and clear lens. Here's the one the Ducky Shine 5 uses for example:


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