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Corsair 380T & Asus 980ti Matrix Platinum


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Hi all,


First off-great case with the 380T. Have recently built a Skylake system and everything runs/fits perfectly with room to spare.


I'm using a old GPU and looking at pulling the trigger on a 980ti.


The question I have specifically is around the Asus 980ti Matrix Platinum - have any users out there installed one of these in a 380T?


My research shows that both the height and length of the card will not be a problem, but the depth (or thickness) of the card might be.


Its 50.9mm thick - has anyone been able to install such a wide GPU in this case and be able to close the side panel successfully?


The Palit 980ti Jetstream which is 46.9mm wide seems to go in OK - but this is a extra 4mm which could be a issue


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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