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The long awaited return of EMP is finally here!


This profile contains a default rainbow mode, similar to the original. Plus a mode that you can customize the background colour of to make your own!


Key ripple effect lasts for 6 seconds and consists of roughly 5 seconds of blackout followed by the lights flickering back to life.





Download link: http://lewisgerschwitz.com/profiles/EMP2.zip


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i was very unsure until you posted this lol. i was like "how much different can emp be?"

i was thinking that too.


Ahh yea, fair enough. I'm still unsure how I managed to get the flicker to work and how all the layering works (ie how the Rainbow is underneath the blackout effect, wish there was a layer system so I could tune it every time haha)


Awesome job man!!

Only one question, how can i add the "<>" key, and "ç" to the profile? my layout is in spanish :(


What you'll have to do is delete and re-add the 'All' group (re-create the group with all the keys) then add the 'EMP 2 Flicker Full' effect to the group.


You'll then have to choose one or more of the flicker groups to add the missing keys to as well as add them to the 'Z Rainbow' group.


Great Work!



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