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H1500 turning purple and crash


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There is a thing with my H1500 when the sound suddenly crash and the controller light turns purple.

It's happen sometimes 5 minutes after plugging them in and sometime after hour or more.

I went to the shop I bought the headset from and I get a new one but the problem still occurs.

I updated all my drivers and I gone as far as updating my motherboard (which is very risky).

And still without a success.

I also think that it crashes only when I use skype.

Tried to switch the communication software but I people I speak with say that they hear me with a lot of echo.


So... any idea guys...?

Cause I am really frustrated...

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The driver is installed, tried to uninstall it and reinstall without any change a couple of times.

Gave the headset to a friend for a couple of days and it doesn't do that same problem to him, but he didn't use skype for a long calls and not that much, so it's hard to say.

Tried to uninstall skype a could of times as well.

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Asus B85M-G


As I said all drivers are up to date includes chipset.

And yea, happens in all the usb ports.

After it happens I need to connect it to other usb port, if I reconnect it to the same port it shows blue but doesn't work. Only after pc restart the port coming back to life.

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