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h80i GT vs. h80 v2 ?


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Hi all, I've googled the two and looked on the site here and can't really find specific information on this.


I've noticed Newegg is selling the h80i GT for $87 and the h80i v2 for $109.

What, if any, is the differences between these two units?


I'd love an official, technical answer from someone at Corsair, if possible?

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They are rebadges.

H80i GT -> H80i V2

H100i GTX -> H100i V2

H110i GT -> H110i

H110i GTX -> H115i


In addition to the renaming, the H115i fan spacing has been corrected to our standard 15mm to increase compatibility with our older cases, and all the new products have the new logo and packaging.

Source: /r/Corsair/comments/43798c/corsair_h100i_gtx_vs_h100i_v2/


Those two versions are technically the same in terms of performance and build quality, no difference in FW either. The only difference is that the V2 units have had their CPU blocks slightly tweaked to ensure compatibility with some Skylake m-ITX boards that may have components really close to the socket.



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