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780T Fan Controller


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I'm thinking about buying the 780T Case and I've got a question regarding the built-in fan controller.


From what I'm reading it got 4 4-pin connectors. Is that right?

Also is this the maximum supported number of fans or could I extend it with lets say 2 or 3-way splitters.


I'm planning on using 2 360mm radiators with either 3 or 6 fans each. I haven't decided yet. I'm wondering if I could connect all of them to the fan controller or if it would fry the whole thing :p:


Thanks in advance

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It is 4-pin connector but only 3 pins are wired.

See this picture; https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Corsair/Graphite_780T/images/innercablefan.jpg


Not exactly sure about the maximum limit for the fan controller as it is not posted on the product page for the case. So i'll wait for a Corsair response or put in a support ticket and see whether you can get the answer there.

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