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Managing profile and lght file IDs


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I notice that when importing a profile that already exists in CUE, it notes there's an ID conflict and asks if I want to overwrite or create a new version. Because I want to create color variations of a profile, which means having more than one version of it, I'd like to use different names for each one without an ID conflict.


Can I change the ID number at the top of each profile or lght file to avoid this conflict when re-importing them? If I copy/duplicate the existing original profile it would avoid the ID conflict but both would use the same lght files...yes? I need a second set for the second profile to modify the colors, so that would be an issue.



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yea you can change the id at the top of the profile. however that id will turn up and invalid and will be assigned a new id.


Well, the first time I imported a profile that already existed but I had renamed, CUE kept asking if I wanted to overwrite existing ID or create a new one. I chose new in each instance. When I looked at lighting files, there were two sets with the same names, but one set had a (1) after each name. Because both sets had the same date stamps, I assumed the ones with the (1) were the new ones. They were not, as I discovered when I modified them and the original profile with the new name had the changes. [in Windows the second (newer) file with the same name has the (1).


The modified lighting files had the date stamp for the day I had changed them, so now I can identify which are the modified ones. Thus, my question about changing the IDs, but now I decided that I should simply modify <Name>xxxxxxxxxx</Name> within the lght file and live with selecting new when importing.


Will that work?

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