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I've had a K70 RGB keyboard for a few months now, in which time I have only used CUE to set up a few simple lighting profiles for activities like work and gaming. It's been fairly straight forward for my purposes up until now, when I am trying to wrap my head around the actions menu and whether or not I am able to program key combinations into my profiles, and have them remain as such, avoiding having to bind them to single keys.


For example, I want to be able to assign something like ctrl + shift + F1 to perform a function like opening a program in windows, but not have this action bound to a single key. I'm not sure if CUE is able to do this or not.


I suppose I could easily set up different profiles with modified function keys and just switch between them as required, but being able to program shortcuts like this through CUE would still be quite useful imho!


Is this possible?



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