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When i turn on my computer the keyboard has the standard wasd and arrow light up white and then the rest of the keys light up red. BUT before i turn off the computer the keyboard has the rainbow swirl effect. However a couple of seconds before i turn off the computer while its shutting down the keys go back to default. I just want to keyboard to stick with settings so that i dont have to open up the program every time i turn on my computer. The keyboard is plugged in to the usb 2.0 ports on my asus x99 rampage 5 extreme by the way.

Thanks for reading please help asap.

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What you want to do is partially possible:


- you CAN save a static lighting profile on the onboard memory of the keyboard and it will use that when the CUE software is not open/running in background (so while the computer powers on or off for example)




- you CANNOT save animated effects or macros on the onboard memory. For those to work CUE needs to be running in background.



So as an example, to sum it up, you can make your keyboard keys all blue and save it on the onboard memory but you cannot save an effect like the rainbow swirl on it.

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