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My worst RMA experience ever


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My memory module broke and I sent it to RMA. My RMA ticket is 6722636. To shorten it here, my original set of memories (2x2GB 1066MHZ + active cooler) is obsolete and discontinued. Support staff offered me product with worse parameters (2x2GB 800MHz without active cooler) or gift card which could be used in Corsair shop (but not within my country because it's not mentioned in a list of shipping destinations). I simply rejected both options because they are not equivalent to my original product (offered sets are not compatible with my another pair of memories), they are not usable for me at all.

I wasn't able to create express RMA by web because it's not working. I was not successful to create express RMA service even by phone. I tried it a few days but because it's during my night hours (CET+1) after almost one hour on answering machine I gave it up. So then I asked to convert my RMA to express RMA to be able to pay for another product in price lowered by the price of my original product. I asked for contact information and also to provide my contact information to somebody who can process that but all I got was a bunch of excuses.


All the communication took more than 1 MONTH!


And guess what I got by delivery service today - the incompatible set of memories which I rejected at first!


I am in the mood that I'm going to upgrade my machine (I use it for non-linear video editing) and as a Corsair fan (I already own many Corsair devices) I thought about pair of corsair DDR4 2x8GB or 2x16GB memories, HX1000i power source and even H110i water cooling unit but unfortunately after this experience with corsair support I will rather look after another brands. I am very disappointed with such "lifetime" warranty but much more by approach of Corsair support staff.


So, PLEASE, advice me what can I do in this case. Now I got a product which is not usable by me.




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Is there somebody willing to read the whole story in my RMA? :o:

Or shall I paste the whole story here?


I would never believe that company of well known brand could have such horrible customer service! I personally have to assign it to the same level like S@msung or some other Kore@n companies with probably the worst approach to the customer ever.

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Obsolete or Discontinued Products

An obsolete or discontinued product will be replaced with the same product if available.If Corsair is unable to replace your obsolete or discontinued product with the same product, Corsair will replace the obsolete or discontinued product, in its sole discretion, with a product having similar function and capacity.


Corsair's warranty policy can be found here.



The policy for discontinued/obsolete products is nearly or basically the same with other memory manufacturers with limited lifetime warranty.


Not exactly sure how many options you have as they have provided you with a product with similar function at their discretion.

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You know, similar functionality is fine but when it is not compatible with my second pair if original memory set then it is not a solution for me.


Anyway, I met very helpful man on online chat who was able solve my issue literally in a minute. Now my problem is solved and I have usable replacement. You know, this everything is about people and I am very happy that I found out that you can find a good men everywhere.


Thank you, Raymond C., God bless you. ;):

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