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Cue 1.15.36 Patch Notes

Corsair Chris

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Updated Release

Version 1.15.36

February 8th, 2016



Release Notes

CUE 1.15.36 is the latest release for our RGB line of peripherals and contains a multitude of changes and enhancements.



  • Resolved a critical connection issue with Scimitar when lighting is enabled (this fix also requires FW 2.01 for Scimitar).
  • Resolved a rare issue that causes CUE to crash when modifying a selected key under advanced settings.
  • VOID Wireless will no longer automatically turn on sidetone if it has been disabled in CUE.
  • Resolved an issue with DPI LED colors with duplicate files.
  • Resolved a critical connection issue with Scimitar when lighting is enabled. (This fix also requires FW 2.01 for Scimitar).
  • VOID USB and Wireless RGB Headsets now support Active Voice Notifications! To enable this new feature, connect your headset and select the Settings Tab -> Devices Tab:
  • Resolved other minor bugs and issues.


Important Note:

Please ensure your Scimitar device is updated to FW 2.01 with 1.15.36. Once your Scimitar device is updated, it will no longer be compatible with previous versions of CUE.


During a firmware or software update for any Corsair peripheral, CUE may need additional components and time from a Window’s Driver Software Installation to complete the process.

If you have to abort at any part of the process, simply reconnect the device and select Update Firmware from the Devices -> Settings Menu, and choose “Force Update from Server” to re-initiate the update.



Keyboard Connectivity:

  • Connecting via USB 3.0: Use one connector (the one with the keyboard icon) when connecting via USB 3.0
  • Connecting via USB 2.0: Use both connectors when using USB 2.0. Important Note: Plug in the connector with the two arrows icon first, and the connector with the keyboard icon second.

CUE Patch Notes 1.15.36.pdf

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