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3 512 modules of XMS Xtreme 3200XL on VNF3-250 possible?


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I was wondering if I can just put another 512 module of XMS Xtreme 3200XL in slot 2 to bring the system up to 1.5 gb. I tried it with a stick of 512 Corsair ValueSelect PC3200 and it would not work in any combination with other memory.


Per the manual for this board:


"2-3 Main Memory Configuration

The DDR SDRAM memory system consists of three DIMMs. The first bank

supports up to 1GB of memory, and the second and third ones together support up to 1GB of memory in total. We strongly suggest that you install DRAMs in either DIMM1 + DIMM2 or DIMM1 +DIMM3 slots. Installation in DIMM2 + DIMM3 slots is only allowed in single -sided module."




Chaintech VNF3-250 (10/19 bios)

Athlon64 3200+

1GB(2X512)CORSAIR XMS Xtreme 3200XL 2-2-2-5 (slots 1 and 3 running at 400)

eVGA Geforce 6800nu bios modded to Quadro FX 4000

SB Audigy

36 gb WB Raptor SATA

80 gb Maxtor SATA

500w Ultra PSU

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