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Will the fan auto adjust?


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Hi all,


I recently purchased the H100i cooling. I'm new to the AIO scene and could have multiple questions. Every answer is welcome and appreciated!


1. Will the cooling adjust automatically as the load increases?

2. Not a fan of Corsair link (based on reviews), recommended fan control software?


My idle temps @25 *C,

4 Core load temps varies 40-45 *C @ ultra gaming settings.

GPU @30*C

Corsair link profile set to default Quiet settings.


Are these numbers reasonable? Do I need to worry about CPU package?


Thanks a bunch!


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1. Yes and no. The fan speed will adjust to changes in the water temperature inside the cooler. The fans' job is to remove heat from the water, rather than cool the CPU directly. They do not need to respond to the dynamic loads of the CPU. The water will carry heat away from the contact plate and CPU, regardless of water temperature. However, that water temperature will become the baseline CPU temperature (more or less). So, a higher water temperature results in a higher CPU base temperature. Base temperature + voltage = actual CPU temperature.


2. I would start with anything available with your motherboard, whether it is software or BIOS. I am not familiar with what ASRock offers on that board, but someone else may be able to guide you or make a better recommendation.


3 & 4. Temperatures look great. I would need to know your voltages and settings to really evaluate, but those are good numbers under any circumstances and I can't see ever getting them lower. At those temps, there is no reason to use anything other than the Quiet settings. You don't need more fan speed or the noise.


Yes, you can ignore CPU package unless for some reason you have software or BIOS functions tied to that value. Most use the core data, either individually or as an average.

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EJ, I have a 10 years old Gigabyte motherboard (EP45-UD3R) and have everything I need to control the Corsair water cooler H75 according to the CPU loads (temperature). I expect you have a newer motherboard that can do the same, only better, more flexible.


All the Corsair water cooler comes with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) cooling fans which get the fan control signal from the motherboard's 4-pins fan header. My MB has two of the 4-pins header, CPU and System2. If you have 2 fans and only one 4-pins header, your kit should come with a Y connector for that situation. Connect the pump header cable to any 3-pin header since it runs at constant rpm and is not temperature controlled.


My MB has what Gigabyte called "Smart Fan Control" built into the BIOS. It ramps the fan speed up and down according to the CPU temperature. Mine has a default adjustment range of 20-70°C. Gigabyte provides a utility program to set the smart fan control temperature range. Lower the upper 70°C to, say, 50°C if you want the fan to run faster.


The Corsair fans are rated at 2000 rpm max and somewhat noisy at max speed. I never saw my controlled fan speed go above 1200 rpm which keeps the case quiet. I also found that forcing the fans to run at 2000 rpm has no impact on the CPU temperature in my setup.


I understand that every brand of motherboard is different, but I doubt that any of the major brand would dare to omit this BIOS function.


Corsair LINK provides only fan speed and temperature measurement and no direct fan speed control. But combined with the Corsair PWM fan and your MB BIOS, you should not need any additional software.


Let us know how you control the fans using your MB and what brand the MB is. Good luck.

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