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Carbide spec-03 upper thumb screw no longer fits!


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Hi, so built my latest system with the carbide spec 03; and everything OK until I bought the H80i GT. So, now after installing in the rear fan position, the upper part of the case will not close properly and the thumb screw will not engage.


Obviously, the washer and raised fan screws provided with the H80i GT, do not take into account the case windowed side panel design.


Don't know what to do, granted, don't ( DO ) see the panel not closing properly, but it is on my mind all the time. Do not want to have to modify case in any way.


Why, Oh why cannot corsair provide flat headed screws ( only 2! ) with the H80i GT? Would solve my problem, but still, the washer raises the profile of screw enough to stop the case closing properly!


Rant over, anyway very happy with all my corsair products so far. Any and all practical suggestions welcome😂!

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Update : so customer support suggested that I remove one fan from setup and use smaller screws. Not possible, and anyway, the push-pull config works well with my x4 860k @4.5Ghz 1.43125v. Shame that no flat headed screws are/can be provided, suggested that these two screws be an optional purchase instead of default screws for those like me who have the carbide spec03 and H80i GT with both fans used. Anyway, not the answer I was looking for, but all good.
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