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Flash Voyager GS 64GB, YUMI boot/FAT32 incompatibility


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I recently purchased a Flash Voyager GS 64GB to replace my dying 32gb voyager drive. My requirements for a flash drive were that it to be fast read/write, a relatively large amount of space, and to be bootable to enable it to function much like a USB-swiss-army-knife. Akin to this, any application I utilize must be trustworthy, and this usually means released under GPL/open source. YUMI was the obvious choice for creating a multiboot USB, and did a fine job with my old 32GB voyager.


My new Voyager GS arrived in the post today, so I went about getting it set up in a similar configuration to my old drive, however i first noticed that the flash drive seemingly did not support the FAT32 filesystem, which was somewhat surprising/unexpected for me. I assumed this may cause problems, and when attempting to install a test boot onto the USB(Default: exFAT), my fear was confirmed as YUMI notified me that the drive would be un-bootable.


From my research, I see no reason as to why exFAT should not boot, so perhaps this issue is to do with a lack of support of exFAT from YUMI, and if so, this presents a dilemma for me. After utilizing YUMI, and finding few better alternatives(especially in regards to GPL), I find myself questioning the drive itself and if i should return it, and what I would replace it with.


Does anyone have any experience with this issue, and can recommend a possible solution? (I've not attempted to format the drive with GParted/FAT32 yet, although i suppose that might bring some joy - or break the drive)

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