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Questions regarding the 600C


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Hi guys, i'm back again... :evildevil


Ten minutes ago i've sort of (he hasn't payed yet ;)) sold my 750D and think about ordering the 600C (absolutely love the look of that case and having two 5.25 drive bays!). But before i do that i've got a few questions where i havn't found the answer for.


1 Top Fascia

Is there a way to get a top fascia without the cut out for the I/O Panel? With the exception of the startbutton (and very very rarely the reset) there's nothing there i need.


Before someone asks the usual 'why ...' ;)

USB? Got those on my keyboard and LCD.

Headset? Never ever! Got my AVR and a good setup for 5.1.

Fan control? That will be the job of an Aquaero or Link (have not decided yet which one to get).


Sure, i could fill up the gap and repaint the top but i would prefer to get one from Corsair. It's a real p.i.t.a. to get the right paint that perfectly matches the color of the case (nope, links of shops outside of Germany won't be of use to me ;)).



2. Front Fascia

As i intend to hide the Buttons of start and reset behind the door for the 5.25 drive bays i need some measurements.

A. How much space for a button do i have between the space for the magnets and the drive bays? Something around 40mm (width) and 80mm (height)

B. How much room do i have between the closed door and the inner front? Almost none


I might reuse the ones from the I/O Panel but i also might end up using something like these buttons.



3. PSU

With the installation of the PSU in the top of the case i see a possible problem as the fan has to use the air from inside the case. But quite often the fan is not running at all.


If i install a second watercooled graphics card this area might heat up quite a bit. Could that become a problem for an AX750?



4. Suggestion regarding Radiators

It would be nice for all with the intention to build a custom loop for watercooling if we could get informations of the possible thickness of a Radiator. You always mention the size but nothing else. I had to dig through quite a lot of reviews to get the information that the one i intend to install will be a very close fit. That's something we users should know before we order a case, not after we unpack it. ;)


So if you would write (just an idea) 280/45 instead of just 280 then we would know that we could install a 280 radiator with a thickness of up to 45mm in that position. Small thing but a big help for some of us.



5. Who can i contact regarding the manual?



Thats it for now. Many thanks in advance for the answers to my questions. :)


Btw. The new logo is VERY nice. ::pirate::

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