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Which mouse should i get!!!


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I was looking at mouse's here on Corsair and saw this one


M65 RGB Black





was looking into this and i really liked this then i got to the part with the gravity weight quarter screw things you can adjust. I was like is this for real i have to get this one.



But then i saw the


Scimitar RGB - doesn't have the weight things right. does that make a difference from the two


Also does this one have he colors on it to change


And was like OMG I have to get this one. This is freaking awesome insane.


SO I can't get both a time to choose? What do you guys think? I know its up to me but i want to hear what you think which one i should choose.

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Well i like gaming watching movies installing Linux distros and tech stuff theming pc's out.


How really good it the weight things? Does it feel better and improve. Or is it the same feel as the Scimitar.


My head is towards the Scimitar. But I'm still undecided. COME FOLKS WHAT DO YOU ALL HAVE

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