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Keyboard and Mouse Orange Hue


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Hello, this is my first time posting in these forums.


Currently I have a steelseries keyboard and mouse, the Rival and the Apex. Both have the ability to display a "full color spectrum", but my next build theme will be black and orange. When i try to select those colors with my current peripherals, the best this hardware can muster is a kinda pale peach color when i choose any orangish color.


My question is: Are corsair peripherals better in this regard? I already plan to buy a corsair keyboard and mouse(with mat) for my next build, just wondering if there will be an improvement in LED performance for orange specifically.


Thank you for your time!



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This is a orange colour from that is on produced on a K95.


It doesn't look too good in this picture.

If you can visit a store with the keyboard on display or a friends house, you may be able to determine the colour 'quality' yourself, i'll try take better pictures if i can and re upload them;

For reference;



R - 255

G - 115

B - 0


If you have the RGB values for the orange you want, I can put them in and re take a picture.


If you want, i can also take a picture of the same orange on a STRAFE RGB.


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Here are the STRAFE images. Sorry for the delay, Corsair are looking into the colour difference created by the STRAFE keyboard vs what is shown in CUE.


Further adjusting the colour value in CUE will show a 'better' orange.

The colour code for the STRAFE RGB is; #ff1d00


Again, the led colour is a bit different to the picture below but i wouldn't say the difference is high. It's just a bit darker than the keyboard.





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