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H100i GTX & CPU Fan Error


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Hi, I have just bought and installed my very first AIO CPU cooler, the H100i GTX. As far as I can see it's installed correctly but upon booting up I get the message "CPU Fan Error, press F1 to run setup".


This then takes me into the bios where I don't know what I'm doing, or if I'm supposed to do anything, there's no mention of anything in the manual.


So I hit escape and my PC then boots into Windows as normal. I open up Afterburner and my CPU temp is a steady 43/44 degrees. Not as low as I had hoped but not as high as I thought it would be if the unit wasn't working properly.


I then played Fallout 4 for three hours and the temp stayed at these steady mid 40s degrees.


The Corsair link software reports that the CPU fan is at 0 rpm, but I can see both fans are spinning...


Any ideas as to what the heck is going on? Oh yes there is also a slight high pitched continuous noise which my assumption is it's the pump working harder than it should be...


Apologies for rambling...



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This is how it should be connected:


1. Connections:

- 3PIN connector of the CPU block to CPU header on Motherboard

- Y connector to CPU block

- 2 x 4PIN fans to the Y connector (connected to the coolers CPU block)

- Data cable to CPU block , other end to USB header


2. Bios setup:

- CPU fan controller disabled / manual 100% / full speed





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If the LINK software reports the pump running at 0RPM as well, it is probably a sensor issue. You can try connecting the 3-pin to a different headset and see whether you can get a reading.


If not, You can contact your retailer for a replacement or request an RMA to replace it via Corsair.

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