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VOID Mic Boom Sensitivity Improvement

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So there's a possible solution to this mic sensitivity problem as well as the random beeping problems that people are having.


I don't know if it's already been mentioned here, but you'll find the steps below.


Here's a thread I just created regarding this possible fix, where I got it and where it's worked.


Good luck.



This is applicable to both laptop and desktop pcs.


In Windows, Search for Power & Sleep Settings


Scroll down to Additional Settings


Find your current plan and select Change Plan Settings


Click Change Advanced Power Settings


Find USB Settings and expand it by clicking the + icon


Expand USB Selective Suspend Setting


If it says Enabled, disable it. On desktop pc, there should only be one instance. On

laptops, there will be On Battery and Plugged In. Disable this setting for both.


Click Apply and hopefully you won't have this problem anymore.

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