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GS700 Fan noise


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Hi there


I bought my GS700 mid 2013 and have been using it since then, it goes great and haven't had any problems apart from the power supply makes the common beeping noise as shown in this video.




After some time searching the problem

I have tried flipping the unit upside down as was suggested in another forum post,

I've tried using prime95 application to stress test my computer for a time, the fan on the PSU would turn itself off every now and then during the test,

even though the cpus were running at 100% and were up around 65 degrees in temperature. Which doesn't make sense to me as I thought the fan only turned off and on when it was fluctuating around the thermal threshold.


Basically I'm down to the conclusion that these are my only 2 options left;

1/ Try to RMA the product, or

2/ Open it up and wire it so the fan runs 100% of the time(effectively bypassing the controller which is turning the fan on and off all the time)


I looked at going down the RMA route about a year ago but a webpage I found said that I needed the purchase receipt, which I don't have, so I just left it.


Now we're in 2015 and this noise is really starting to get to me, can anyone tell me if i still have a chance of doing a successful RMA?


Or if not, can anyone give me any advice on opening it up and wiring the fan to run 100% of the time - at my own risk of voiding any kind of warranty that I have, and/or breaking the thing so it doesn't work at all(which at this point is fine by me).


Any help or answers are much appreciated



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