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I'm sorry to ask. But since the RGB blues have completely vanished of the corsair site. I want to ask what happened. Will they still be made? Because I am still waiting for an K95 RGB with Cherry Blues.


Please help me. Because getting a bit desperate.



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Hi all, Im back from vacation (I hope everyone had a good holiday). I wanted to confirm that unfortunately, we are (at least for the foreseeable future) discontinuing Cherry MX Blue RGB keys. We are NOT discontinuing Cherry MX Blue (Single LED) which is still found on our Corsair Gaming non-RGB K70.


The official statement is as follows:

"Due to extremely low yield on RGB blue switch, it is not possible for Corsair to continue production on this product. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for patience thus far, please contact our Customer Service if you have an open order with Corsair and waiting for fulfillment. For those of you who do not need RGB but still want Cherry MX blue switches, we ARE producing the non-RGB K70/K95 keyboards with Cherry MX blue switches.


I would like to take this opportunity to clarify it more though. First I want to apologize that we didn't announce it earlier. We ultimately made the decision to discontinue the Cherry MX Blue during the company shutdown so our distributors would know and react accordingly. We felt that it was best most of the customers who had pre-orders know right away rather than wait even longer for us to return to make it public.


Second, MX RGB Blue switches were difficult to create in the first place and we had constant issues of not having enough from Cherry due to their limited production capacity as they were also producing RGB MX Red/Brown and single-LED MX Red/Blue/Brown keys.


Third, Cherry MX Blue as a key overall isn't a very popular switch in comparison to Red and Brown. This may be contrary to what many believe but based on the volume of what we've been asked to produce, Cherry MX Blue is vastly outsold by Red and Brown MX (both RGB and single LED). This isn't just from a single region either and ultimately played a role in our decision to discontinue the MX Blue RGB.


We do apologize for those who were anticipating this version of our Corsair Gaming RGB Keyboards. For those customers who have issues with their already-purchased MX Blue RGB keyboards, our customer service are prepared to assist you accordingly. Feel free to post or PM me any questions or concerns you may have and I'll address them personally.


Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

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