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Corsair H100i rattling/grinding/buzzing Noise at games


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Ok, i have a h100i with 2x sp120 pwm installed on it. I didn't have this issue for 8 eight months from the moment i installed the h100i and fans and its just started after i switched to w8.1. When i enter a game it is starting to make this rattling/grinding/buzzing sound, when i return to desktop with a alt+tab or with just quitting the game its instantly stops, which is odd, because when i alt+tab, the game is still running, but sound is gone. It makes it with all three mode (quiet/balanced/performance). What can be the problem? Windows 8.1? Corsair Link Issues? Because when i switch to the windows 8.1, i had to make it recognize h100i with that regedit thing.
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