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500R Drive Cages for 450D?


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Hello all,


I am currently considering the 450D for a new build. However, It only comes with a single drive cage for 3 3.5" drives, even if it appears that you can stack another one on top.


I currently have a 500R from another build that doesn't really use the 2nd drive cage. I am hoping this will fit.


I cannot get the 450D without being assured of having at least 4 HDD slots and I cannot get them shipped from Corsair as I am outside the USA :/


Can anyone confirm if the drive cages are exactly the same/compatible?

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Sadly, Corsair does not give interior parts dimensions on their cases, which would help all us builders.


1) You may get a 450D owner to measure and reply to you with drive bay dimensions, or the faster answer would be:

2) to chat with Corsair Tech Services during the day. They have always been nice and courteous with me.

3) copy or re-new your post with the word "Help" as the 1st word in your title; that gets a Corsair online Tech's attention.

4) If all that fails, type a public or personal post to a Corsair Technical person like "YellowBeard", or "Technobeard"who have also always been courteous and helpful.


For all my previous issues fix #2 & 3 have worked the fastest for me.

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