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K70 RGB/Gaming Software - Inoperative function keys


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Bottom Line Up Front: If you have issues with the brightness, lock, or other function keys not responding, it seems like what you have to do right now is just restart Corsair Gaming Software. No amount of re-updating the firmware or checking the action assignments will help.


But to tack on personal opinions... I love this keyboard! The lighting is amazing, absolutely impressive.


However, as usual, Corsair software tends to disappoint. The lighting/action control and scripting workflow is okay at best, and dealing with long lists of lighting effects is a particular annoyance... especially when the "Lighting Effects List" button opens an un-resizeable window. (When will authors of driver software go back to using standard OS controls so that we have functional programs instead of pretty ones?) I hope Corsair does a better job of updating and improving this software than they do with their audio drivers/software.

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