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K70 RGB No Lights On Boot and Other Issues


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No Lights on bootup - Lights come on when you are in windows - So if you have to go into BIOS to make changes - Sorry you're keys are in the dark. Called Corsair Support and the guy says "But you can type right, why do you need lights when you're in BIOS" OK Dude - Get a clue.


Lights are not as bright and colors are not as deep like the K70 with Red Backlighting.


USB Not Recognized - Device Manager.


Intermittent Software Malfunction.


Oh and thanks for deleting my post Corsair but you are too late the truth is already out thanks to Amazon posting a newer model way to early - K70 RGB CH-9000063-NA and the yet unreleased K70 RGB CH-9000068-NA.

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