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I just bought this mouse...not used to having so many buttons. Anyways, is there a way to program a mouse button to be a toggle for a keyboard key?


I.E. I want to push, say button 13 on mouse, I want it to toggle the TAB key down, keep it down until I push it again.


Is that possible?

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I personally have not tried it with tab, but keystrokes such as J it should work fine.


Download, update the M95's firmware and install the software.



Click the MR button > Button 13 > Tab > MR > Click the fourth playback option (Play/Stop) > Manage Profiles > Profile L.E.D. > Assign the profile to an L.E.D. > Save to M95 > Ok > Check Hardware Playback > Ensure the L.E.D. the profile is assigned to is lit > Test the button in your application.

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