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Vengeance 2100 blue light and red charge light


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Are constantly on, how do I reset the headset as my brother states that it played a sound as though it was stuck (crash noise like when your PC blue screens) then the blue light was constantly on and the orange LED for charge is always on too?
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Hi, I know this is an old thread but it is the most recent one I could find on this subject. I am hoping a regular user will see this in case this problem continues to crop up in the future.


I have been having this issue with the Vengeance 2100 headset for a while. It seems to mostly occur when shutting down the computer while charging. It just happened again.


I resolved it this time by

1. unplugging the dongle (which turned off the blue light on the headset)

2. Plugging in the charging cable and restarting the computer. This caused the orange light to turn off.

3. Unplugging the headset.

4. Plugging in the dongle and syncing the headset after the system booted up.


Everything working now. This seems to be an issue with software, based on the fact that seems to be caused (and resolved) by rebooting the computer.

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