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After Researching for hours, no specific answers found about the 2100


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Having had the 2100 Vengeance for about 3 weeks now.... I've had some technical difficulties at least once every week. But things have died down now and mostly revolve around 2 issues.


The first issue is my mic randomly turns off on its own when its swiveled down. I have to open up the corsair software and adjust the volume from 0 to 100 or sometimes just from 100 to whatever and then back up so it's on again. I have no idea why this is so. It turns off on its own randomly.


The second issue is I'm not sure why when I unplug the charge cord from the headset while it's own, it takes quite awhile for the sound quality to stop crackling as if something were interfering with its frequency the moment I unplugged the headset because it was done charging. It also seemingly can't go up to 40ft as leaving my room to go to the kitchen already causes the connection to break off.


These are just two of the major major major problems I've had with this headset that is very annoying.


Another side thing is why my mic pics up the wind from my fan when my mic on but the microphone check isn't on. It picks up wind but not my own voice (just thought it was weird).


P.S: Is there supposed to be a voice modulator on the Corsair 2100 Vengeance?

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