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K95 with Surface Pro 3?


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I am getting a K95 back in RMA in a few days, and I will be without my desktop for a few weeks so am using my Surface Pro 3 as my main computer. There's only one USB port (3.0) in the machine, and so I am wondering:

1. is there is a USB hub or expander that is known to work well with the K95?

2. as I'm looking, is it necessary to get a powered USB hub?

3. should I avoid USB 3.0 hubs?



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It's best to ask Corsair Technical Support and see what they say. It's probably better to get a powered USB hub as the keyboard will probably use most of the USB port's power but see what the representative says.


You can call them using Skype by calling their toll-free number on their website.

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