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Corsair Vengeance 2100 - why the delay when windows boots?


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Do you really need to use it absolutely immediately after booting in? Is 10 seconds really that long? I bet you need 10 seconds to pick the headset up and put it on you head anyway.


I have a bit of delay as well, did not count how many seconds, i don't really care, the first thing I do is check my emails anyway, I dont need sound to check my emails. You are nitpicking here.


But the issue is probably caused by the fact that Windows loads at least 50 services in the background, one of them being the headset drivers. So it depends in what order they are loaded, and if the audio driver is amongst the last ones, it's normal that there is a bit of delay. If you want it to load faster, disable some of the useless services and background programs, or use something like Startup Delayer to make sure the audio drivers are loaded before the other programs (this only works for applications, not services, you can't control de order in which services are loaded up, you can only delay some of them)

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