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Is SSD abandoning me?


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Hello. I'm new in this forum so please sorry if I didn't find a similar previous post.


I have this problem: computer freeze random after few minutes it booted up. It worked fine in the last year and half. After many unsuccesfull try I've installed the o.s. (Win 8 PRO) in a different hard drive.

Pc is now working fine.

I've tried to connect the original SSD (GS 128 Gb) to an external docking station to save files and configurations.

Same problem as before: it works for a couple of minutes than the files became not reachable (but now obviously the pc still works).

If I shut down the docking station and I power it up again, I can use the SSD for some other minutes.. and so on.


I think that drive could be defective.. Do you have any different explanation or suggestion before to open an RMA ticket?


Thanks for the support!


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It seems the SSD is starting to fail since it freezes the computer and stops working after a few minutes on the dock, request an RMA to replace the SSD, make sure you upload a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.


You can try making sure your SSD firmware, chipset drivers and BIOS is updated and trying a different SATA data cable and port to see if it helps.

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