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Headset software V2.0.26

Audio driver V1.0.0.27


Here's my problem that just started after downloading and installing both drivers for my V2000...When I plug in the cable to charge the headset the plug will turn amber for about 5 seconds and then nothing...no color no light. While in my games the headset will beep after about 15 minutes of game play, so I'll plug them in and play while charging them,but, then I'll get a high frequency HISS and then the headset will lose all signal and I'll have to hold the on button down on the headset to start then up again, really quite frustrating. I usually leave them plugged in while the computer is off at night as well as when the computer is on during the day to charge them but for some reason they don't want to take a charge anymore.


I never had this, much less any, problems with these phones until I installed the latest driver version, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please don't tell me I need new headphones...i love my V2000

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Have you tried a different charging cable (microUSB to type A) and USB port?


If you are still in warranty, (two years from purchase date), request an RMA to replace the headset. Make sure you upload a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.

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