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800D SATA6 Backplane Replacement


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So... the plastic connector on the backplane somehow snapped off when I was removing my SATA cables to replace them with new ones I got. Wasn't even tugging that hard. Just pressed the metal clip down and wiggled side to side.


Hard to see in the first image but the connector is lodged inside of the SATA cable. The second image is easier to see with the copper traces just sticking out with no protection around them.


I created a ticket with Corsair but they said they can't do anything as I don't have an invoice/receipt for it. Kinda sucks considering I have a Corsair case, AX1200, H100i, and Platinum Dominator RAM... Is there no way around this to get a replacement?




Off-topic but kind of related: Not sure if it's the backplane or the SATA cable that caused it but my 4TB drive went from NTFS to RAW and I'm in the process of trying to recover everything. I swapped out the SATA cable already. The drive that went bad is connected to SATA4 whereas the broken connector is marked SATA1.


Anyone have any ideas of a way to try and recover my data and restore the filenames? Appears to be a bad/corrupted MFT but haven't been able to find any concrete solutions online of how to restore it to how it was.


Seems at this point most of it is just going to be recovered as generic file#.mp4 etc; this is using EASEus.




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