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Obsidian 450d front filter mesh


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I'm considering an Obsidian 450d but I'm not real crazy about the front panel mesh "filter". Its not nearly fine enough and it seems like it wouldn't really block any dust or floaty things from getting sucked into your case.


I'm wondering what my options would be as far as replacing the mesh with something finer, or adding an additional mesh screen to or behind the front panel that would do some actual filtering.


Im not really looking for something super fine along the lines or say demciflex filters, just something decent. More along the lines of the 750D front filter.


Anyone own the 450d and would be able to tell me how easy this would be to do and perhaps where I could find some mesh to do the job?


Its the one nagging flaw I can find on this case but I'm a little perplexed why they went with such a massively open mesh on a front panel with 2 140mm intake fans.


I should add im not talking about the front aluminum panel itself, which is ventilated unlike the 750d, im talking about the mesh screen that sits just behind that in the panel. IS that mesh easily removable and replaceable?

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I had the same concerns with the screens of the 650D's filters being too coarse. I did use mesh from DEMCIfilters to replace the screen (they wouldn't sell me just the mesh so I had to buy complete filters and cut out the mesh itself; more on that in a moment). You can see what I did here starting at posts #253 and #275.


I know you said you don't want to go as fine as the mesh used by DEMCIfilters but I urge you to reconsider. My present case uses foam filters. They do a good job of stopping most of the dust and are easy to clean but I still have to clean out the fine dust that does get through from the inside of the case from time to time, which, at my age, is literally a pain. I have a DEMCIfilter I had knocking about on top of the PSU to keep out any dropped screws, etc. and that filter stops the fine dust that does get through the case filters; I have yet to see any signs of dust inside the PSU.


A filter with media as fine as DEMCIfilters will need more frequent cleaning to avoid excessive air restriction but the filters on Corsair cases are easy to get at. The trade off will be considerably less cleaning of the entire case. I also vacuum off the outside of my filters with a portable vacuum to extend the interval between cleanings.


If you decide to go with DEMCIfilter, don't order them directly from the manufacturer. They are in South Africa, take several days to fill an order, and several days after that to get out of South Africa. PerformancePCs sell DEMCIfilters and PerformancePCs also has some mistakes for a reduced rate. Just select a filter that has large enough mesh to cut out for use in your filter (tip, the magnetic frame is usually 10mm wide).

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Mayhap you need to clean more frequently. I've noticed the longer I go between cleanings, the harder it is to dislodge the dust (I also use the DataVac). I vacuum the outside of my filters once or twice a week (basically, whenever I notice dust starting to build up), then open up the machine when I do my weekly shutdown and reboot and blow things out. If I let it go too much longer than that, I generally have to take an anti-static brush to the dust first.


I'm old and handicapped so moving my machine outside for cleaning is not practical. By cleaning frequently, I can clean the machine in place and still not have a ton of dust get on everything (I do get some deposited in the room near the computer but I need to dust there anyway so it's not a problem).

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