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  1. Agree!!, it's the one that looks better, the other wont make any contrast with the pink case. And as i understand painting the whole fan wont do any good to the fan. The rings is OK.
  2. yep i know that part, what i meant is if i maintain the same airflow, as it is taking air from the outside or should i put both fans exhausting air?
  3. Hi peanutz94, one more question , i just order an identical fan for my h60 (push and pull), just wanted to know if i should keep the air going the same direction? thanks!
  4. thanks peanutz94 The way you explain it seems logical so i will install it taking air from outside , maybe the flow of air into the case won't be that much to disturb the main air flow thanks again
  5. First of all Hi, I went ahead and bought the H60 and it should be arriving this weekend :big grin:. I know there are several posts on the forum regarding the fan direction as I went through all of them last night but Im still unsure for my specific case, so i have several questions. I have uploaded some illustrations i made and because of the configuration my computer is a NEGATIVE pressure system taking air from the front and exhausting through the top. 1- The recommended installation is the fan taking cool air from the outside, but in my case it would just cause a fight on the left top corner as all the air is going out. So if i invert my fan putting the fan first and then the radiator exhausting air will my cpu temp be affected?? Any recommendations?? 2- PUSH or Pull , Is it true that pull is better as push configuration will create dust between the fan and the radiator and then being more difficult to clean as it has to be taken apart? 3- The H60 (version 2) comes only with one connector (that's what i saw on the video installation from corsair). Is it ok to connect to CPU_FAN? Also should i disable any automatic control by the motherboard? thanks in advance for your time and patience!!!
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