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Voyager Air Release 2.1 now available


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The firmware and Android app will be available for download this morning. The new app is available from Google Play, and was submitted to the Apple store yesterday.


Here are the details for this release:




Voyager Air Firmware Release 2.1

Version 2.1.2

July 15, 2014


This firmware release was developed to accompany Release 2.1 of the app software, both for iOS and Android. It is compatible with both the Voyager Air and Voyager Air 2 drives.


What is in this Release:

1. iOS users will be able to download photos to their Camera Roll.

2. The authentication process for cloud synchronization (Dropbox and Google Drive) has been streamlined and simplified.

3. There are a number of bug fixes, including:

a. Correcting a thumbnail cropping bug

b. Ability to rename a playlist

c. Ability to view images without metadata in the Photos Library

d. Addition of a Retry button to the drive connection dialog

e. Added confirmation dialogs to passthru Enable/Disable commands

f. Added Resume option to downloaded videos


Before You Install:

  • This release requires that firmware release 2.0 (version 2.0.17) already be installed.
  • It is highly recommended that you connect DC power to the drive during this update. If you don’t have DC power, please make sure your battery has at least 20% charge (and more is better). Running out of battery power during a firmware update risks turning the drive into a “brick.”


To Install (using the App):


1. Connect your drive to the internet, using either Ethernet Passthru (for VA) or Wireless Passthru (for VA and VA2).

2. Open the Mobile App or Web Client, and go to "Settings > Drive firmware" and press the "Check" button.

3. Follow the App/Web Client instructions to download and install the update onto your drive.



To Install (Manually):

1. Connect the drive to your computer with the USB cable, and turn the drive on.

2. Copy the file “VoyagerAir-2.1.2.pkg” into the top-level folder (root) on your drive.

3. Eject and turn off the drive, then disconnect the USB cable (the update will not install if USB is still connected).

4. Turn the drive on again.

5. Connect to the drive, and launch the app or web client.

6. In Settings > Drive Firmware you should see “Update Available” – press “Update” to start the firmware update process.

7. You should soon see the Wi-Fi icon blinking, indicating that the update is being installed.

8. When the icon stops blinking the update will be complete.


Remember to also download and install the Release 2.1 version of the App (from iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon App Store) onto your mobile device.


Note: Running this firmware release with the earlier version (2.0) of the iOS or Android App should present no major issues. You will see a message suggesting that you update the app, and some of the new features detailed above will not be available, but all major features will continue to work.

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