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Corsair V2100 Won't Sync


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My V2100's over the last week would randomly start just turning off / losing connection to the receiver. Normally i'd just hold the on button again and be fine for another few minutes, then after 5-6 times of this, it would stay on as expected.


Yesterday when it turned off, it would not come back on. I have tried everything I can think of and the light just keeps flashing blue.


Headset is fully charged (green light)

I've tried fully discharging then recharging

I've tried re-pairing

I've tried rebooting

I've tried with and without the corsair drivers installed.


I'm about to leave on 2 week vacation tomorrow so *fingers crossed* being off for 2 weeks might help.. but i'm definitely looking for any other suggestions, my other headset just doesn't compare to the sound quality... i'm in withdrawl laughs

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The headset never connects in the first place, but it stays on. also i do have a wireless modem right underneath it as well as a wireless mouse but i just tried to connect the headset with both turned off and nothing different, still that constant blink every 1 seccond
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