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H100i - Cant hear any fluid from the radiator


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Hi all,


I recently bought the new 4790K processor along with a h100i-cooler from Corsair.


Connecting and running some OC with my new processor I thought the temps were quite high, around 45 in idle, close to 70 in gaming, and when running Prime95 over 90.

So, I reinstalled it and applied som Arctic Cooling MX5, with no result.


I couldnt understand what was wrong. I know I had mounted it correctly since I have helped friends mount both h80i:s and h100i:s many times.


Since I had my old h80i I decided to try with this one, and then my temps dropped: Around 37 degrees celcius in idle, around 57 degrees when gaming, and around 67 degrees when stress-testing. All this with an OC:ed 4790k @ 4.6 Ghz and 1.29V.


How is this possible?





The only thing I can think of is what I noticed when I shaked the h100i - I couldn't hear any liquid from within the radiator, which I can from my h80i.


Do you guys think this is the problem? Anyone can verify?



If its not the fluid, maybe it is problem with the heatsink, since it didnt seem to cover the CPU very good. Look at the pictures below taken when I removed the heatsink:




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There has to be fluid but mistakes can happen. I think you should contact Corsair about this and/or RMA the cooler. The fact you don't hear any fluid is nothing good or bad, but might mean there is no liquid at all.


If H80i works better than H100i then there is something wrong with H100i.

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