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M95 Profiles Not Saving


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Whenever I edit my profiles, they don't actually save to my mouse. If I turn hardware feedback on, it gets stuck on one of my profiles and won't let me change it. Manually or with a profile select hotkey. When I save the profiles to the mouse it shows the percentage and finishes all that. The only thing I can get to work are the software feedback options. I can't actually get the LEDs to work with the profiles I set up for hardware either, considering it keeps getting stuck on one profile. Also when I preview my profiles in the profile manager, it has the default button mappings. Even if the custom ones I have set are working for whatever profile it's stuck on.
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Reinstall the software and firmware.

Have you tried a different USB port as well?

Latest chipset drivers?


A short version of the steps and enabling hardware playback.

1. Using the MR button or the software assign a side button to a macro or keystroke.

2. Assign the profile to an L.E.D. and save the profile to the mouse

3. Once the percentage is complete, tick the hardware playback checkbox.

4. Using the M95's profile indicator, change the profiles by using the assigned profile up/down buttons. If the profile indicator is lit on empty profile, it would be the default profile Up/down keys.

5. Open notepad or the application to test the macro or keystroke.


If this does not work, try again on another computer and see if it works.

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