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H60 problem


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Hi everyone,

Like 7 months ago I purchased a H60 water system cooler.

It worked fine, no issues at all, but like, 3 day ago, it started to refrigerate really bad.

I get 60/70 cº all the time, and the cooler spins like hell.

I tried to change to the old cooling system ( the standart air cooling for amd fx 8120) and the temperature stabilized.

Today I tried to put again the H60, and i get 90cº! my pc turns off and Adios.

I dont know the reason of the problem, because this never happend.

Some help? please..

PD: Sorry for my painful English..

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Have you nicely cleaned the CPU and waterblock from old thermal paste?


Also are you able to tell if the pump is working? It might have been a failure.

Maybe try the cooler with different PC (Intel socket).


If no go, I suggest you create ticket for Corsair Support.

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