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Suspected power supply malfunction?


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Hey, recently I've been having a problem where my ASUS motherboard constantly says it activated the power supply surge protection and reboots.


While I've seen a lot of posts on various sites talking about how this is an awful feature and always has false positives, this didn't pop up until recently, I have been running this PC for about a year now and it just now decided to show up.


I have made no recent installations however, the first time this happened was a time when I (probably foolishly) demanded a bit much from my PC having several graphically intensive programs open at once, the computer turned off and rebooted saying the power supply surge protection had acted.


I'm not sure if it's possible that the power supply is partially damaged, or if it's just not giving enough power to the gpu or something? I can run the computer just fine on the internet or watching videos with Steam running, but if I launch a graphically intensive game it loads the graphics fully well but shuts off seconds later.


I can play less graphically intensive games for a duration before it decides to shut itself off.


Is it the power supply that is faulty? Should I just turn off ASUS anti-surge protection even though this problem just started recently with no modifications made to cause it to happen?


Oh also, an observation I've made, sometimes (maybe always??) the green light on the motherboard stays on even after shutdown.



It just happened again while I was just watching a video on youtube, my system had been on for a while at that point, and I had played a game that doesn't require a very strong computer at all for a while before this, maybe this means that even when just on desktop it will EVENTUALLY reboot?


When it happens like this it turns itself on and off 3 or so times in quick succession before it actually turns on ready to actually start again.


Edit2: It's starting to turn itself off much more rapidly now



I turned off asus surge protection

It still turns off pc as if asus surge protection was still in place, which means the actual failsafes of either the PSU or the physical motherboard are taking it's place, which means something is definitely broken, I doubt it's the CPU GPU or ram, I dunno if it could be the motherboard, might be the PSU?

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