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h80 copper cold plate oxidation

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i took out my h80 to put it onto another system. and to my horror the copper cold plate has oxidized. is that sign of a leak? it's still attached to a cpu as i currently do not have any other heatsink. does it qualify for rma or is it normal wear and tear? please advice, thanks. from singapore btw.







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Copper oxidises due to contact with moisture in which the dissolved oxygen reacts.


From recent experience, I don't believe you have a leak. I think it is just wear and tear. How long have you been using the unit?


Don't take my word as gospel however and I would still advise opening a ticket and getting in touch with Corsair directly.


Cheers :)

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Copper has a tendency to stain or discolor over time due to residual moisture. It looks fine.


look closely, it's the oxidation that i'm pointing out, not the discolouration. anyway if anyone else is facing this problem, my local distributor has raised my issue to corsair and it was exchanged for a brand new h80i. hope this helps out anyone in the future.

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