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Hi All,


I just recently bough the K70 Corsair awesome keyboard, i have been using it frequently since day 1, everything was fine, except the following notices:


1 - LED Lights keep ON even though the computer is shut down (from time to time)


Yesterday, i was playing late, and there was an Electricity cut (NO UPS available), i did not try to power on the computer, i went to sleep.


The next time i switched my machine ON, the Keyboard was in a complete BLACK STAT, no LED light, NO input response.


I tried with another computers(Windows , Ubuntu), the same thing.


I tried changing USB ports. but nothing changed.


I tried another HP keyboard and it worked.


I tried changing, the BIOS variable, but Nothing.


Please guys help, i have never had a keyboard issue like this even with low quality keyboard, the first time i buy a 150$ it goes down this way.


I noticed that in ASUS BIOS, i can see that 2 Keyboards are connected, and it was true, because i was connecting the other HP too.


I have a Logitech G600 Mouse.


If there is anything i can do, feel free to share, maybe i can open it and reset something from inside...


Many Thanks.

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Is the keyboard detected in Windows?


If so, you might be able to follow this guide.



K70 firmware updater is found on the product page, downloads tab.




Thanks for your interest in my post.


I think the BIOS indication is not accurate, i unplugged the K70 and still see 2 Keyboards :(.


Windows is not recognizing the K70 because:


1 - Devices manager window does not refresh when i Plug/Unplug the K70

2 - Hardware and Printers window does not include the K70 Keyboard (Just my HP keyboard, Logitech G600 Virtual keyboard)




I still have Warranty but i hope i can fix it :)



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