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ram warranty question


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so..i'm a shopkeeper,

I recently had a problem with a pair of rams sold to a customer,

mod: CMZ4GX3M2A1600C9 ver. 8:16

the customer is in possession of two pairs of RAM on a Gigabytes 990FXA-UD3 motherboard,

a pair of ram working properly to 1600, while one of the two sticks of the other pair give errors during the cycles of memtest, the AMD motherboard doesn't have any XMP profile as it should be.

The same pair of ram was subsequently tested by me on motherboard Asus B75M-A and SPD profile 1333 successfully completing 5 cycles of memtest, with the same motherboard has completed 4 cycles of memtest at 1600 with XMP profile, the motherboard give error from failed OC in case you use automatic setting to 1600, were subsequently tested on the Asus A85XM-A motherboard with 1600 profile auto and DOCP and ending with both 4 cycles of memtest with success, in the end were tested on the Asus Crosshair V motherboard with 1600 DOCP profile and ending with success 5 cycles of memtest, while in auto profile to 1600 ending a cycle only after giving memtest errors.

The questions are as follows, taking into account what has been said and the 1600MHz write on the box is only for motherboards with Intel socket, it is possible to have a warranty replacement of the "possibly faulty" pair of ram?

May the warranty void if you use profiles that are not SPD and XMP?

Using certified ram 1333 on AMD systems in double dual channel configuration (four ram), at a frequency of 1600MHz instead of 1066mhz as corsair suggested in the FAQ, is to consider an induced damage?

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if you are a shopkeeper you should talk to your Corsair vendor.

if you have no vendor you or your customer can RMA the faulty pair. they have a lifetime warranty.

by the way, just to let you know, using more than 1 set of ram per board is not officially supported. ram should be purchased from a single package in the capacity you need unless there is no other choice. did you test the stick by itself in the customers motherboard?

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no problem with vendor..

by the way, HE testing the ram on the 990FXA-UD3..not me, i told him that I would have changed the ram, even if the warranty says HEADS to 1600mhz with Intel socket, because I remember reading here that the Rams have corsair warranty official 1600 ONLY for Intel, while for AMD they guaranteed 1333mhz…i wanna know only this

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your ram was specifically designed for Intel boards but so was mine, i have CMZ16GX3M2A1866C10 on a crosshair V formula Z with an AMD 9590 (rated at 1866) and i run at 1866 or 2000 when i overclock and its perfectly fine.


Rams have corsair warranty official 1600 ONLY for Intel, while for AMD they guaranteed 1333mhz
where did you read this? the ram is rated at 1600 so that is what it should run at as long as the CPU is rated for 1600.
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in that thread the OP's cpu was a Phenom II X6 1075T which is rated up to 1333 not 1600.

i forgot to ask what cpu is being used here.

i mean you are more than welcome to have the faulty pair replaced, if in fact they are faulty. just apply for an RMA.


you said they passed memtest several different ways in other boards right? or did i read that incorrectly?

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yup, you read correctly, it passes memtest on other motherboards,

in this case the cpu is a fx 8320 4 client, but work on Asus B75M-A + Intel g2030, Asus A85XM-A + a8 6600k, Asus Crosshair V + x4 965...


my vendor says it will test the ram to evaluate whether to open an RMA, but I have to pay a penalty of 15 € + shipping if the ram will be working in their laboratories


so..i'll change the ram to my client, but i dn't give ram to my vendor, i prefer use that ram in 1 of my home pc

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