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Issues with Corsair's Headset drivers (Vengeance 1500)


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I made the mistake of not saving my old driver when I re-imaged my hard drive. Now I am only able to find the 2.0.xx drivers, of which sound terrible in my opinion, and have the mic constantly feeding ambient noise into the headset. Pressing the mute on the controller for the headset doesn't stop that. This never happened with the 1.1 driver that I used to have.


Other issues with the current drivers is that it never saves my settings to 5.1. It seems to always default to 2 channel. I never had that issue with the old driver. There were more options for me to choose from, such as room environment. The audio preset profiles were also much better.


Can anyone tell me how/where I can get the older drivers, or how to fix all of the problems with the current drivers? Ultimately, I just want the 1.1 drivers back (the version seen in my attachment)!


Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit).


Thank you!


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kemo, can you please tell me what you have done before downloading the drivers given in this topic, and after? what are all versions which you can see in the corsair software? I suffer with the white noise problem and mic problem to, but after ust installing the drivers, it is still there. hope you can help me.
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Link is broken. Need 1.1 again. Anything else is horrible.


Edit - support replied to me that they no longer support this driver, and access to the driver is a no-go.


Thank you for removing the only good driver for this headset.

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