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Looking to build a system without having to worry about compatibility or sourcing individual components? CORSAIR BUILD KITS include everything you need to build a new system with components hand-picked for compatibility and optimal performance.

Choose Your Path


CORSAIR BUILD KITS are available in four different tiers: ULTRA, ELITE, PRO, and CORE which offer different levels of performance. Also, each BUILD KIT tier comes with the operating system pre-installed on an SSD as well as all the necessary tools for assembly to help get you up and running in no time! 

Level Up in DIY

Building a PC yourself can provide a deeper understanding of the components that make up a system, providing an excellent learning experience for those new to DIY PCs.

If it's your first-time building a PC, or you want to simplify your next, CORSAIR PC BUILD KITS let you assemble your system at your own pace, accompanied with a step-by-step guide to help you through the build process!

And since you're getting all your components from a single source with a CORSAIR BUILD KIT, you get the benefit of having a single point of contact through our support team as well as a 2-year warranty should you need assistance.

Closing Thoughts


CORSAIR BUILD KITS offer a great first-entry into the world of PC building, taking the guess-work out of picking components that'll work together and providing a collection of resources to help you build with confidence. Check out the BUILD KITS for yourself exclusively through our online store and find the BUILD KIT that's right for you!



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I ordered my Elite build kit about 5 days ago.  This will be my first time building a PC. I have ZERO experience in building pc's other than watching hundreds of hours worth of video. I'm super excited and can't wait for it to be here 

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On 3/1/2023 at 12:12 AM, Domskii_0 said:

I ordered my Elite build kit about 5 days ago.  This will be my first time building a PC. I have ZERO experience in building pc's other than watching hundreds of hours worth of video. I'm super excited and can't wait for it to be here 

Whoo, absolutely excited for you to build for the first time! Let us know how it goes!

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Hi Corsair…

My daughter, son, and I are exited as our Ultra build kit is expected to ship tomorrow! The Ultra build is a big celebration for us.

We love your detailed video instructions and the reconfigured ULTRA specs of the kit!!!

Here are a couple of brief, easy, clarification questions..

1. We noticed that in the video..during 4090 installation that the m2 nvme ssd heat sync is not placed back on the m2 ssd. (Likely for illustration and clarity); as the earlier video mentions replace the heat sync to be back on the ssd.

Q1. Will the 4090 graphics card fit in the slot if the heat sync is placed back on the m2 nvme?

2. Your video says to plug the “fourth single back fan” into the rgb hub and fan pwr hub; however the writing says to plug the fourth fan into the core commander;  also says that various configs will work. Thank you for discussing both options.

Q2. Do you prefer/recommend that the 4th fan’s rgb and pwr plug into the core commander (as written) or rather into the fan pwr hub/fan rgb hub (as in video)?

3. It may be helpful to know.. which cables remain unused and not plugged in after after the build is complete.

  Q3: After the Ultra build is completed and set up, which cables will remain not used not plugged in ( from the back of case and in the assessors cables from the PSU? 

Thank you for featuring the Ultra Build..

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Same Question as GiovanniD11... when will the Ultra build kit be available? I have been checking daily since  the beginning of May. Originally, there was a "this item on backorder, anticipated stock date is June 8th.... then a couple of days ago... it changed to June 12th... now the date has been removed entirely. There are multiple custom builders that have the motherboards, i9 13900KS and RTX 4090's in stock... everything else comes from Corsair... what is the issue?? I sent an email on May 9th, never got an answer.. tried online chat... they said they do not have visibility to product stock.

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Hey there.


I actually ordered 2 of the ultra build kits already on June 13 or so. It currently says 1 day shipping and in stock. However it has now been over a week with no correspondence. Could I please get an update on my order/ availability? 

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I ordered the pro build kit on 20th and it said below it “ships in 1 day”. Its been 4 days and no update on the order at all.
Called customer care they said they can’t help or provide any more info until it ships…. 😞

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