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corpious 11-13-2019 06:58 PM

Weird noise,Corsair i60. Video inside.

New to the forum and new to the world of Corsair.
Just bought a Corsair One i60 and I love it,had it for just a day so far.

Just a question though,when my computer is idling it makes this noise that sounds exactly like a HDD working.
At first I thought it was a lot of updates being installed but there isn't.
Checked via iCue if something seemed off but nothing seems odd to my untrained eye there either.

Anyone heard of this before and have a clue what it is about?

Thanks in advance and have a good one.

Corsair StormShadow 11-15-2019 02:41 PM

That's the sound of the pump. There's nothing wrong with it, that's just how the pump sound when it's in operation.

Queeg 11-15-2019 03:17 PM

It's the pump on the GPU. My 160 makes the exact same sound, but it's gotten quieter over time. I can't hear it at all unless I put my ear directly next to the case.

peterhemm 12-04-2019 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by Queeg (Post 1024038)
It's the pump on the GPU...

Thanks for solving that mystery! I recently replaced the HDD in my new i160 with an SSD and thought it was weird that I was still hearing what sounded like a hard drive.

JavaAddict 12-05-2019 08:46 AM

Actually, I disagree. It is not normal. The pumps are the same on each side. The difference is the radiator. The pumps on both side should sound the same. If you tilt you unit to the left and the sound goes away, its the pump. It's a known issue. Some will say live with it, it will diminish. I say for this kind of money, the pump should be silent, like most other pumps. I have used several types of pumps over the years, and none made this noise. At least send a message to corsair to document it.

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