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  1. I am terribly sorry guys! I never received a confirmation of any follow-up posts! @Zotty Oops, old profile. Didn't visit the forums that often anymore. Let alone update my profile. ;-) @DevBiker Thanks for the detailed answer! Highly appreciated. Since I am not that handy myself I think I will just purchase the cable. Though, I am wondering about one thing. The connector side (with the 3 pins sticking out) seems a bit bigger than the one which is connected to the Lian Li RGB led strip imho. Or do I connect it to the PCB instead? I really think the one to the LED strip itself is more smaller (= tiny) than the pinned connector in the eBay link. Sorry for the dumb questions. :S //edit https://imgur.com/Pa3tcI6 https://imgur.com/0qd9kB5 https://imgur.com/vT1iv6K https://imgur.com/A8qEcLc Posting images directly didn't work... So added them as links.
  2. Ho Zotty, Thank you for your fast and detailed answer! Yeah, I checked that page (afterwards; when I installed it). I thought all those Addressable RGB's were the same to be hones (sorry, new to this whole RGB thing). I noticed Corsair uses Molex 50-57-9404 connector for the RGB LED's. Maybe this is compatible? Anyways, I will await the answer of the other "guys" ;-) Thank you once again.
  3. Hi all, Seems it's quite some time since I posted on the forums :) Anyways, I was re-doing my computer build, well partially. Got a new case (Lian Li Lancool One Digital), Corsair H150i Pro and the Corsair Commander Pro. Now, probably a stupid thought, I thought I could connect the front addressable RGB on the Lian Li case to the Corsair Commander Pro. But the connector is different. I took a few screenshots of everything, maybe someone has an idea. Lian Li RGB connector side #1: https://imgur.com/BLWlYBs Lian Li RGB connector side #2: https://imgur.com/11qcZ4I Lian Li RGB connector side #3: https://imgur.com/p5XRPtB Lian Li onboard RGB connector #1: https://imgur.com/qxXmngt Lian Li onboard RGB connector #2: https://imgur.com/HyMjY38 Corsair Commander Pro LED connectors: https://imgur.com/e7Q4jg2 According to the Lian Li manual the addressable RGB LED can be connected to the onboard case connector. In this case you can switch RGB LED effects by pressing the button on the case. Also they say that you can connect it straight to your motherboard's RGB LED connection header (which my mobo, Taichi X99, does not have). Here is a quote from a review site: So I thought if I purchase the Corsair Commander Pro, I would be able to control the Addressable RGB LED? But the connector does not fit. Does anyone have any experience with this by any chance? Sidenote; I also included a screenshot of the manual with the Adressable RGB LED. Thanks in advance for your help! Regards
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