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  1. I am also having issue #2. Every time I reboot my PC and iCUE starts it switches 4 of my fans over to the "balanced" profile. Others on Reddit are having this problem with the latest iCUE update.
  2. Thanks that's worked fine for me. I'm now on the beta firmware and the brightness issue is fully fixed!
  3. Will the public firmware address the issues many of us experienced with the beta firmware where fans disappeared from iCUE?
  4. @shocksim any update on when this will be addressed? I see that the beta BIOS has been removed.
  5. Yeah a few of us are getting the fans RGB stop working with this latest firmware. Hopefully there's a full and final fix soon.
  6. Just an update here, I've rolled back the firmware and now at least all the fan's RGB is working properly even with the reduced brightness. Glad this was just a beta firmware and hopefully they can identify the issues before this is pushed out more broadly. Happy to supply logs / help assist if need be.
  7. Well it fixed the warning message for me, but now four of my fans RGB aren't working. Three on the H150i LCD iCUE Link and one at the rear. iCUE isn't detecting them during the lighting setup wizard, either. They all work in hardware mode, so maybe I'll just stay clear of iCUE until Corsair can actually finally get it working properly 😕
  8. Corsair should seriously rethink that pairing then. iCUE has had some problematic bugs recently, so not being able to downgrade is surprising. I suffered through iCUE forcing precision pointer on mice in an update earlier this year, too.
  9. @shocksim is there an easy way to "step back to 5.11." Every installer I find just installs the latest version. Do you have a direct download link for the full iCUE installer of a version that works correctly. Thanks
  10. Sounds like a fix is coming soon. Also, the explanation for how this bug has happened has revealed that Corsair will soon support 24 devices per controller! That's a good improvement.
  11. That's kinda worrying. I've only had mine since the end of November and I had to replace a single QX120 so far because it was starting to rattle.
  12. Oh I see. Let's hope they fix it ASAP. It's a little irritating to suddenly have your RGB nerfed down.
  13. Of course the information above is accurate lol. It's yet another iCUE bug, which seem to arrive fairly regularly these days unfortunately.
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